The Restaurant

Restaurant Elisabeth is both charming and cosy, and here you always receive a warm welcome. The restaurant is light and bright, and the walls are decorated with paintings and hand-knitted woollen sweaters.

Accommodation is also available.


The Summer Menu


Faroese Cuisine

The menu leaves you in no doubt: this is the place to enjoy traditional Faroese dishes as guillemot, rack of lamb and fresh fish.

Delicious appetisers and lovely desserts are also on the menu. If you so desire, you can order an appetiser or a dessert, for example a refreshing traditional rhubarb cake with cream.

The restaurant is licensed, so you will be able to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine with your meal.

We have newly renovated rooms with access to bath and toilet.

Bed and breakfast

You can also stay the night at Elisabeth’s. We have newly renovated rooms with access to bath and toilet.

Breakfast is served in the charming kitchen, where you can sit and enjoy the breath-taking views.


Hand knitted wool sweaters

Arts and crafts

Local arts and crafts can be purchased in the small shop next to the restaurant.

You can also acquire hand-knitted woollen ware in the shop. Though the selection is limited, it is unique.

The impressive nature surrounding Viðareiði gives the visit an extra dimension.


Restaurant Elisabeth opened in 2003. Travellers, whether Faroese or from further afield, should not miss the opportunity to visit the restaurant and its friendly host, Elisabeth Nybo, who has run the restaurant from the beginning.

The impressive nature surrounding Viðareiði gives the visit an extra dimension.


Viðareiði is the northernmost village in the Faroe Islands. Its high mountains and spectacular views are sights you will never forget, whether you hail from the gentler parts of the Faroes or never have experienced the drama of Faroese nature.

The village is located on east-west lying isthmus. To the east is the landing beach Eiðisvík and to the west a rocky shoreline. To the north and south, the village is guarded by the mountains Malinsfjall (750 m) and Villingardalsfjall (844 m).

Enniberg, one of the highest capes in the world (754 m), is at the northern end of Viðoy and reachable from Viðareiði. First, you take a demanding hike up Villingardalsfjall and continue westward on its ridge. Having reached the summit, you continue north to reach the top of Enniberg. It is inadvisable to go on the hike without a guide

Visit Elisabeth - Hjá Elisabeth, Vidareidi, Faroe Islands


Opening Hours

15 May – 15 Aug: 12:00-21:00

At other times, please call us.


Special Occasions

Why not celebrate your special occasion in our restaurant?

Call us or write, and we will help you make your celebration special!


Matstovan hjį Elisabeth
Eggjarvegur 13
Fo-750 Višareiši
Telefon: +298 451275 / +298 222450
Matstovan hjį Elisabeth | Eggjarvegur 13, Fo-750 Višareiši - Fųroyar | Tlf.: +298 451275